IntelliAdmin Network Administrator

Network Administrator is a nifty little tool for IT Administrators in small to medium-sized environments.  So, what can it do you ask?  Well, according to the publisher of this tool, it can:

  • Validate installation of 2007 Daylight Saving Patch. It can detect ours, and Microsoft’s patch
  • Push out and apply 2007 Daylight Saving patch to Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 machines
  • Disable USB Drives
  • Disable CD-ROM Drives
  • Disable Floppy drives
  • Prevent the automatic install of IE 7
  • Reboot Machines
  • Shutdown Machines
  • Logoff Machines
  • Set the VNC password of remote machines
  • Keep machines from automatically rebooting when automatic updates have finished
  • Stop services
  • Start services
  • Disable services
  • Set services to manual
  • Set services to automatic start

The price is kind of steep at $199 per administrator, but the free version (which I’m using) allows making changes to 3 machines at a time – in fact, I just used it a few minutes ago to enable RDP on a newly built machine without having to go through the console. 

You should check it out as it’s a worthy little tool for your toolbox.

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