VMWare Fusion

I’ve been using Parallels Desktop for Mac since it’s beta days, and have been pretty happy with it until now. The biggest qualm I have (with the version I currently have: version 2) is the lack of an appropriate video card driver; playing as well as using it for graphically-intensive games and applications is not doable.

I received an e-mail from Parallels a few weeks – if not a month or so ago – asking me to purchase an upgrade to version 3.0 that “supposedly” has better graphics support. I didn’t like this move of theirs since I purchased version 2.0 for about $50+ not even a year ago. C’mon Parallels! Don’t loyal or beta-days customers get it for free? What the heck?!?

The good news is VMWare just released VMWare Fusion, and is offering a 30-day evaluation (I still use VMWare Workstation for Windows for development and testing). So, I might just switch over.

More on this soon…

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