Submitting bugs through BugzScout

I was tasked to develop a proxy-like web interface wherein our company’s Marketing group didn’t have to go to Fogbugz directly.  To facilitate this, I wrote an ASP.NET Web Application that submits/POSTs to Fogbugz’s supplied ScoutSubmit.asp.


FogBugz is a complete project management system for software teams. Designed by Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame, FogBugz helps you make better software by tracking, prioritizing, and coordinating the thousands of small tasks a development team has to do. FogBugz is web  based, so everyone on the team always sees the whole picture. Feature requests, customer email, bugs, even high level design discussions are instantly searchable and trackable.

Just in case you need to develop one yourself, here’s the link [on Fogbugz’s website] on how to do it.

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