mDNSResponder errors on MacBook Pro

I’ve been encountering continious wifi connection issues for a while now (6 months at least), specifically, my MacBook Pro would lose connection but when I turn the Airport off then on it would be OK.  So many, many months ago I did some research and found it to be due to the AirPort Extreme Update 2008-001, which I rolled back to AirPort Extreme Update 2007-004.  It fixed the connectivity issues for a couple of months, but recently I’ve been experiencing it again.

Looking through the logs again, I found this blog post: Macbook Pro: Network connectivity just disappears.  He was getting the exact mDNSResponder errors, such as:

mDNSResponder: SetupAddr invalid sa_family 0
mDNSResponder: getifaddrs ifa_netmask for fw0(7) Flags 8863 Family 2 has different family: 0

The culprit: Apple’s Bonjour service.  To disable it, here’s the complete how-to article, but the command you need to run is:

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Hope this helps someone who’s experiencing the same issue.  Ciao!

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