Christian parent pledge

Taken from Pastor Dudley Rutherford … posting for archiving.

1. Each day I will spend as least as much time
with my child as I do with my TV.

2. Each day I will share at least one fun-filled
learning experience with my child.

3. Each day I will affirm my child as a person.

4. Each day I will affirm my Lord (praise Him, thank Him, honor Him) in the presence of my child.

5. Each day I will affirm my mate in the presence of my child.

6. Each day I will say, “I love you” to my child.

7. Each day I will make one truth from God’s Word the delight of my child’s life.

8. Each day I will pray for my child, by name.

9. Each day I will read something to my child that will build his/her love for the Lord and the joy of reading.

10. Each day I will help my child feel the warmth of my personal presence by an embrace, a hug or a kiss.

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