When homebrew update fails

13 04 2015

For archival and reference purposes:

cd $(brew –prefix)
rm Library/Formula/argp-standalone.rb
rm Library/Formula/cocot.rb

git fetch origin
git reset –hard origin/master
brew update

Note: You might need to do it with “sudo”

chmod Shortcuts

13 04 2015

Shortcut for ‘u’ = user; ‘g’ = group, and ‘o’ = others.

chmod go=rx wordmatic
chmod a=rwx calcmatic

via chmod Shortcuts.

Change computer name in OS X Yosemite

1 04 2015

In case you want to rename your computer name in Yosemite, here’s what I did in the Terminal to do so:

sudo scutil --set ComputerName
sudo scutil --set HostName
sudo scutil --set LocalHostName
hostname -f

Fix for JAVA_HOME variable in OS X Yosemite

19 03 2015

In case you upgraded to OS X Yosemite and your JAVA_HOME variable in bash_profile no longer works, change/add the following:

export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7`

Then, run source ~/.bash_profile and it should work from there.

Highlight Text In Powerpoint: 5 Creative Ideas

1 02 2015

Archiving this link as I will definitely use need this in the future.

Highlight Text In Powerpoint: 5 Creative Ideas.