WordPress for iPhone

My recent acquisition of an iPhone has simplified my digital world tremendously. I found myself using my laptop less as the iPhone has most of the capabilities I need – email, surfing, Facebook, IM, etc.

The only missing capability or app was an easy way to post to my blog, which I haven’t posted to in a very long time. Well, the search is over. The WordPress folks built an iPhone-specific tool. Check it out at:


Enjoy and happy blogging! Oh, and Happy New Year!

T-Mobile and Google Android phone

imageI knew it! Now I won’t have to switch to AT&T to get a cool phone.  Wahoo!

The handset made by HTC promises to reinvigorate the smart phone market and to provide a mobile application platform to rival Apple’s iPhone.

T-Mobile has made it official: It plans to introduce the first mobile phone running Google’s Android software at a September 23rd press conference in New York.

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