How-to: Delete undeletable files and folders

I’m sure you’ve encountered one of these error messages, one way or another:

  • Cannot delete file: Access is denied
  • There has been a sharing violation.
  • The source or destination file may be in use.
  • The file is in use by another program or user.
  • Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

If so, here’s an app I found, Unlocker, that will first unlock the files in use (if necessary), then allow you to either delete, move, rename, or not do anything with the file(s) or folder(s). 

Note: I’ve tried it on XP without issues; not sure about Vista or Windows 7.

Hope this helps. Keep on computing!

Best DNS servers to use

To know which DNS servers would be the best/fastest one based on your location (IP address), visit the following website:

Note: I used to use and

It’s basically a site that dynamically updates a listing of thousands of fast and slow DNS servers, and [simply] visiting it will give you your top 3 servers.  All you have to do is enter the results into your router or computer’s TCP/IP settings and of you go!

Hope this helps. \m/

Free Burning software

Gone are the days where one would need to pay for “burning” software (i.e. burn CDs, MP3s, etc.) … now you can download it for free!  So without further adieu, here are two that I recommend:

  • Burnaware – a free CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc burning software. It is ideal for users with basic disc burning needs as backup, creating data, audio, MP3 music, DVD-Video discs and burning disc images. Free, easy to set up, it enables you to save your files to disc quickly and provides clean, flexible interface to help you complete your burning tasks much faster.
  • ImgBurn – a lightweight CD/DVD/HD DVD/ Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!  I use this mostly for ISO burning.

Happy Burning!