Gas is too expensive

Click on the image below to see how high gas prices is impacting the country. 

Holmes County, Miss. and and Wilcox County, Ala. are being hit the hardest with 15.6% and 16.0% respectively being spent on gasoline.


Mono County, Calif. shows an average of $4.79 a gallon.


I wonder how folks in Buffalo County, S.D. can live on $16,868 a year.


The U.S. government has to do something about this, as this is just disappointing and frustrating.  We’re getting robbed by the giants; take Exxon/Mobil, for example – they made a net profit of about $10 billion last quarter.  That’s net!

Air Canada’s paperless mobile boarding pass

You might be surprised to know that your mobile (cell phone) device may be the new airline boarding pass.  It’s an interesting concept, but I’m a bit skeptic about the security issues that this could have.

As stated on Air Canada‘s website:

Introducing a new and efficient way to improve your flying experience,image from the moment you check-in using your mobile device, to boarding. Our enhanced Mobile Check-in service now offers a paperless Mobile boarding pass. Making your flying experience quicker and easier by proceeding directly to the security check point. This enhanced Mobile check-in service has certain restrictions, if the restrictions do not apply, you can still use our regular Mobile Check-in service.

Read more here.

Let the seat guru help you out

I haven’t been blogging due to my hectic schedule for the past week.  Most time-consuming is the preparation and shopping I had to attend to for my trip to the Philippines to see my ill grandfather.

I’ve been confirmed to fly on Eva Air via Taipei, Taiwan – and…I found a resource that will be helpful to the readers of my blog: Seat Guru.

According to their website, they state that they’re the ultimate source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information. 

What I especially found helpful are the diagrams they provide for about 90% of the major airlines’ seating charts.  It lets you know what seats are good and bad, as well as other pertinent information, such as ammenities.

Check it out!  Hope this helps.  =0)