Unlocking the IPhone

9/6/07 1:34 PM Update: For software-only unlocking, all features will be available except for Visual Voice mail (which is an exclusive AT&T feature).

You’ve probably read or heard about the race [of many hackers] to unlock the IPhone…well, interestingly a 17-year old named George Holtz of Glen Rock, NJimage confirmed that he did unlock it. He says the phone is now usable on the T-Mobile network – one that I’m bound to myself.

This is pretty cool, but I don’t know if I would crack open the IPhone (at $499 or $599, mind you), and do some soldering. If you’re curious, check out Holtz’s instructions here.

Another team from iPhoneSIMfree.com, found a software-only technique (for free) that will “unlock” the phone – without having to void the warranty. Check it out at their website.

(Click on the image to the left and look for the T-Mobile logo on the top left.)

Then another [third] team from Belfast accomplished the “software-only” technique as well. It will basically allows IPhone owners to run the device on any GSM-based SIM card system. They do charge a fee for the “unlocking” software, however. Go here for more details.

I wonder what Apple and/or AT&T will do now…Odd that I haven’t seen any news/comments/legal battles ensuing in the cyber world. Hmmm…go figure.

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