Who are you?

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Anton Perez.  I live in Los Angeles with my family, dog, and a lot of computers and gadgets.  I started fiddling with computers in the early 90s writing programs in Basic and Pascal.  I’m currently an Site Reliability Engineering Manager at BlackLine.  Before this, I was a Software Engineer (Java) at Ticketmaster, a .NET Developer/SDET at Stamps.com, and an IT Specialist for companies like E! Entertainment, Farmers Insurance, UCLA, and Kaiser Permanente.

Why Tech.It.2.To.Me?

It was a catchy phrase that my partner-in-crime thought of, so it just stuck. Get it?  It’s a play of words on “take it to me.” Pretty clever ‘ey?

Why the Website?

Other than it being a hobby, it’s mostly for archival and selfish reasons — a place where I can store and lookup stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay safe!