Sync iCal with Google Calendar

image As a Mac user at home and a Windows user at work, I had looked for a solution to sync my iCal calendar with my Google Calendar. I did find some ways to do it, such as taking advantage of iCalshare publishing, but never found one that did a two-way sync – that is, changes I make in my iCal or Google Calendar would reflect the same data – until I heard of Spanning Sync.

Unfortunately, it’s not freeware, but for $25/year or $65/lifetime subscription, it isn’t too bad, considering the benefits it gives you.

So check it out! Peace!

Apple’s upcoming iPod touch

image Gadgets, gadgets; don’t you love ’em? Apple (read: Steve Jobs) has apparently made official the new, upcoming iPod, labeled iPod touch.

It practically looks and works like an iPhone except for the phone features, e.g., “flick through your photos”, “slide to unlock,” etc., although the lower “main” icons seem to be on top of a desk (with reflection). Pretty nice.

Further reading state that the iPod touch will initially come in two flavors: $300 for the 8 GB and $400 for the 16 GB. To read more about it, check out the post on Engadget.

I personally think the storage size is a demotion compared to the current iPod variations currently out there (e.g., 30 GB iPod Video). What I’m really trying to say is: Why won’t Apple offer a 30 GB iPod touch? It’s really only a hard drive in there, right? Hmmm…go figure.

Apple cuts 8GB iPhone price

image9/7/07 9:52 AM Update: Apple Gives $100 Store Credit to iPhone Customers

For the iPhone fans out there, the 8 GB is now – get this…$399 from $599. The 4 GB,  on the other hand is now $299, which Apple will be taking off the market (buy it while supplies last).

This sucks for the early adopters as they’ve just been had by Apple. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

Read more at Engadget.