DNS Benchmark: Identify fastest DNS servers

If you’ve been a techie for a long time, you’ll know who Steve Gibson from GRC is.  His tools are mostly built in Assembly, so it’s rocket-fast.  (One thing to note is they’re only for Windows.)  For this post, I’d like to share the tool I use to identify which DNS servers I should use, as usually, our ISP’s servers are not the quickest.  I get better response times when I specify the servers to use on my router.

You can download it from here.  Give it a go!

Apple Extreme 802.11ac: Allow DHCP renewal packets

I recently purchased an Apple Extreme 802.11ac router, as my trusty, old WRT54G running dd-wrt has finally died. I’m not too happy that this router doesn’t support stateful packet inspection — I need to know what my kids are viewing. Other than that, it’s been super easy to setup.

Anyway, my AT&T 3600HGV modem is running on (somewhat) bridge mode (see here), so I needed to allow my AirPort Extreme to accept DHCP renewal packets, so it didn’t keep trying to renew it’s public IP from AT&T. All you need to do is:


Save the settings, update, and that’s it.

Remotely reboot Linksys WRT54G

I had the need the reboot my Linksys WRT54G router remotely. Unfortunately, the web interface is not like DD-WRT where a reboot button is available; however, there IS a hidden page.

1. Login into the web admin page, which is by default:
2. Add reset.htm, as in
3. Click “Yes” to reboot.
4. Voila!

Another method is to back up your config, the restore it — but do this with caution!