Tech Must-Reads and Resources

Writing this post to archive my must-reads, in no particular order. Note this is a living post/work-in-progress.

How to add as a local drive

1. Press the Windows key + E or go to the Start menu, right-click on Computer and select Open.

2. Right-click on Computer again and select Add A Network Location, which will prompt the respective wizard.

3. Click Next on the welcoming screen.

4. Then select the second option, Choose a custom network location.  And type the following:

5. If everything goes well, you’ll get a popup window asking you for your credentials. Type your username, which is the email you use to log in to, as well as your password.

6. Now you can type a name for you to easily identify this location, before clicking Next.

7. You can choose whether to or not to check the box to launch the network location on Windows Explorer after exiting the wizard.

8. Click on Finish.

Import mail and contacts into Gmail

I just recently switched to using Gmail as my universal e-mail for manageability purposes, which means (1) I can now send e-mail using my Yahoo! or Hotmail account within Gmail and (2) All my e-mails in Yahoo! and Hotmail is now archived in my Gmail account. 

I was able to accomplish #1 easily by adding POP accounts, but only stumbled on the importing of mail and contacts today.  When I did, I was happy and relieved, so sharing this info, as others may benefit from it.