Top 10 Development Mistakes

I found this list in the Redmond Developer News newsletter, and believe it’s worth mentioning/posting here…because as we all know, there are far too many software development projects that end in abject failure (whether a simple internal app or a massive commercial system).

Here are the top 10 that made the list:

1.  Never committing to project success (that is, the target user

community needs to be on board with the application).

2.  Freezing the schedule and budget before the project is understood

well enough.

3.  Overscoping the solution.

4.  Circumventing the app dev organization altogether.

5.  Underestimating the complexity of the problem.

6.  Being stingy with subject-matter experts (SMEs).

7.  Choosing the wrong project leadership.

8.  Distrusting the managers to whom tasks have been delegated.

9.  Jumping into the “D” of “R&D” without enough “R.”

10.  Suppressing bad news.

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