Selenium: How to assert a WebElement that doesn’t exist

Just in case you need to assert that a WebElement doesn’t exist, here’s a code snippet that you can use.


public int isElementPresent(String xpath) {
    return  driver.findElements(By.xpath(xpath)).size();

@Then("^I expect to see the link On the page$")
public void iExpectToSeeTheLinkOnThePage() {
    assertTrue(demoPage.isElementPresent() > 1);

How-to: Git Rebase

Adding here for my own purposes, but may be helpful to others. This rebases to master (or whatever branch) and then squashes all your commits into one commit! Sexy. 🙂

> git fetch --all
> git checkout [master]
> git pull
> git checkout [working branch name]
> git merge-base HEAD [master] 
> git reset --soft [hash] e.g.: 43e87200b8375fc5eba022ced353ab2917f2a746
> git status
> git commit -a -m "NOTES"
> git rebase [master]

Note: Only needed if conflicts between branch commit and master
> git add .
> git status
> git rebase --continue

> git diff origin/[working branch name]
> git push -f origin [working branch name]

Java code snippet: Enumeration to return String value

I probably should be adding this kind of stuff on GitHub, but I’m lazy. 🙂

public enum TokenType {


    private String tokenType;

    TokenType(String tokenType) {
        this.tokenType = tokenType;

    public String getTokenType() {
        return tokenType;

    public boolean isTicket() {
        return this == TICKET;

    public boolean isValidType() {
        return this == TICKET;

    public static TokenType getByTokenType(String tokenType) {
        String safeTokenType = (tokenType != null) ? tokenType.toLowerCase().trim() : "";

        for (TokenType tt : values()) {
            if (tt.getTokenType().equals(safeTokenType)) {
                return tt;

        return UNKNOWN;

    public boolean isUnknown() {
        return this == UNKNOWN;