Mongo DB: Iterate through a MongoCollection

This is specifically for Mongo 3.x, where MongoCollection is preferred over DBCollection. Adding for personal archiving.

MongoCollection<Document> mongoCollection =
            getMongoCollection(databaseName, collectionName);

        FindIterable<Document> documents =
            mongoCollection.find(eq(COLUMN, "lastName"))

        for (Document document : documents) {

Oracle: How to select less or greater than with dates

Coming from a Microsoft/SQL Server world but now into Open Source/Oracle, I didn’t know what the syntax was, so here’s how:

select * from table where column < to_date(‘6/21/2014 21:50:0′,’mm/dd/yyyy HH24:MI:SS’);

select * from table where column > to_date(‘6/21/2014 21:50:0′,’mm/dd/yyyy HH24:MI:SS’);

Hope this helps someone out there.  Cheers!

soapUI Error: “ Failed to init connection for drvr [oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver]

I was encountering the following error in soapUI when one of the test steps was to check the database. Failed to init connection for drvr [], connectionString [jdbc:sqlserver://server:port;databaseName=DB name;user=username;password=#####] 

The issue was because my soapUI installation didn’t have the appropriate ODBC jar file. 

1. Get it from Oracle

2. Place it in your $SOAPUI/bin/ext folder

3. Restart soapUI

4. That’s it!