Auto backup solution for your MySQL databases

I use MySQL as my database server, and thankfully, it’s been reliable and easy to use.  A qualm I have, however, is that it doesn’t include a daily backup feature, unlike Microsoft SQL Server.

The good thing is that the open source community has seen this problem and created a solution for it: AutoMySQLBackup.  (You can download it from here.)

According to the website on

A script to take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases using mysqldump. Features – Backup mutiple databases – Single backup file or to a seperate file for each DB – Compress backup files – Backup remote servers – E-mail logs – More..

Here are the quick-and-dirty set up steps (courtesy of

1.  Download and place it into your /etc/cron.daily directory like so: cp /path-to-automysqlbackup/ /etc/cron.daily/.

2.  Edit (at least) the following lines via vim

3.  Make the file executable by typing: chmod u+rwx

4.  Create the following directory by typing: mkdir ./backups.

5.  That’s it!  You can either run the script via the command line: ./, or let it run its course since we’ve now put it in /etc/cron.daily; make sure the cron service is running, though.  ;0)

Peace. \m/

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